February 20, 2022

Creative Work January 2022

Client: Patum Peperium

Brief: Create posters to attract a younger audience & show how Patum Peperium relishes deliver BIG, BOLD, DELICIOUS umami flavours to bring your food to life.

Two things jumped out at me with this brief: the Latin brand name and the dual meaning of “relish”. I used both of these as hooks to write a few copy lines and picked these three as my favourites.

The product shots were provided by the client. I used a bold, serif typeface to emphasize the traditional nature of the brand and product in my initial design but switched to a sans typeface for my further designs. This gives the ads a clean, modern look to help them resonate with the intended younger audience.

Client: One Minute Briefs

Brief: Create posters to advertise icebaths

A very loose brief, with no clearly defined USP or CTA. I find it challenging to work out how to approach shallow (pun intended) briefs like this. There are so many possible directions. Initially, I researched the benefits of icebaths and played around with some ads promoting their anti-ageing properties, but the messaging was too complex and selecting one (unproven) benefit felt arbitrary. In the end, I settled for the set of simple copy lines seen here, playing on wellbeing and mindfulness trends (the second variation also has a nod to fashion and lifestyle). The chillin to the max version proved most popular on Twitter.

If you’d like me to work on a creative ad project with you, drop me an email. I’m always happy to lend my copywriting and design skills to creative ad campaigns and I’d love to hear from you.