My services

My core freelance services are copywriting, ghostwriting, copyediting, and brand strategy consulting (brand voice and positioning) for small businesses. 

I also provide a copyediting, proofreading, and eBook formatting service for authors and entrepreneurs.

I specialise in writing marketing emails, website landing pagesSEO web content, and creative ads that help brands connect with their audience, get results, and grow in line with their goals. You can see my sample book here.

Lots of copywriters talk about how much they love writing. And sure, their words probably sound nice. But nice writing is not enough. Good copy persuades, creates desire, sells, and encourages action from the reader. It’s as much about psychology as it is about writing.

My background in marketing means I write to get results, not just to sound good. I’ve studied the art of persuasion and behavioural economics. I know how to position your offer so it will resonate with your audience and make them take the actions you require to meet your goals. And I can do it without sounding sales-y, so it strengthens your brand voice and sounds natural to the reader.

In short, I’m a versatile, strategy-led copywriter who can help you connect with your audience and get results.

Here’s a breakdown of my services and pricing:

Marketing emails

Email is the secret sauce of online sales and community engagement. While most people have spent the last decade chasing shiny new objects in the social media world, good old email has been there in the background, quietly doing its thing. And I’ve been right there with it. I’ve written all kinds of emails, including welcome sequences, product offers, sales letters, event invites, and newsletters. My copy has been delivered to millions of people’s inboxes, and I’m incredibly proud of my results. My open rates are typically north of 40%, and CTRs range from 3-8%.

Single emails: from $125 / £100

Three email welcome/selling sequence: from $375 / £300

For longer sequences, audience segmentation, or email list management, please contact me to discuss your requirements and get a quote.

SEO web content — blogs & articles

Every website needs regularly published SEO content to feed the Google algorithm and engage readers. I can write natural sounding, easy to read web content that educates and entertains your audience. I’ll use keyword research to optimise your headline and body copy, giving your content the best chance of being seen. I’ll also format each piece for online reading to optimise the user experience and maximise read time.

Up to 1,000 words: from $350 / £275

Up to 2,000 words: from $600 / £475

Landing pages

Landing pages can make or break a marketing campaign. That’s why I’ve spent a long time studying what makes them work. Structure, layout, copy, and design all play their part, and I consider all of these aspects when I write a landing page. The end result is a messaging flow and user experience that converts hard-won leads into customers.

Starting at: $600 / £475

Creative ads

Creative ads can be anything from social media or website display ads to posters or billboards. My design background and understanding of consumer psychology allow me to write ads with a creative interplay between copy and design that creates a desire to take action in the viewer and gets you clicks.

Single ad (copy only): $100 / £75

Single ad (copy & design): $160 / £125

Five ad bundle (copy only): $400 / £300

Five ad bundle (copy & design): $600 / $475

Company reports & brochures

I’ve been writing brand brochures and company report content for a long time, using a mix of statistics, case studies, project summaries, and corporate profiles to tell an engaging brand story that shows companies in their best light. These projects can vary from writing product descriptions to conducting customer interviews to editing existing copy for style and/or accuracy. Please contact me to discuss your needs and get a quote.

eBook proofreading, copyediting, and/or formatting

eBook projects vary in size and scope, so it’s hard to quote without project details. Please contact me to discuss your needs and get a quote.

Bundles & Retainers

All prices quoted on this page are for single projects. If you wish to combine my services or require ongoing work, it is usually more efficient and cost-effective to bundle my services into a package or pay a monthly retainer. Please contact me to discuss your needs and get a quote.

How working with me works

Want me to write some copy so you can grow your business? Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Let’s talk

Contact me so we can discuss the nature and scope of your needs. I’ll send you a project outline and timeline showing exactly what I’ll deliver and when, along with a contract to sign if you want to proceed.

Step 2: Give me the go-ahead

If you’re happy to move forward, send me your signed contract and pay 50% of the project fee so I can get started.

Step 3: I get to work

Once you confirm we’re working on your project together, I’ll get cracking. I’ll be in frequent contact throughout the project as I like to get your feedback as I work — especially in the early stages, so we’re both happy with the direction in which things are going. You’ll be able to have input and suggest revisions at every step of the journey.

Step 4: Sign off and final payment

Once you’ve signed off on everything, I’ll email you a download link for all your project assets and an invoice for the remaining 50% of your balance.

Ready to start working together? Get in touch.