Why work with me

Here are 10 reasons to work with me

I’m reliable with exceptional attention to detail. (Daily newspaper deadlines early in my career were excellent training).

I bring big-picture strategic thinking to my work and always write with your objective in mind.

I’m creative. I began my career as a designer before becoming a copywriter. It’s a complementary skillset, but don’t ask me to explain creativity. All I know is “you’re very creative,” and “that’s so creative,” are two of the most common pieces of feedback I receive, and there’s no smoke without fire.

I’m research-led. I don’t just guess what will work. I’ll combine customer insight with established copywriting principles to give you laser-focused copy that hits the target.

SEO skills. SEO is the secret sauce that gets your web content seen. As a marketer, I’m well-versed in SEO techniques and will use keyword research to help your online content rank well in search and get eyeballs on it.

I provide a flexible service level to suit your needs. Not all jobs are equal — sometimes you want some top-notch copy that will be a campaign cornerstone, and other times you need some quick content to plug a hole. So I don’t take a one size fits all approach. Instead, we’ll prioritise your needs at the start of your project, and I’ll adapt my service based on what’s most important to you.

I’ll give your brand a voice. I won’t just write copy that informs your audience; I’ll make it memorable and entertaining so it resonates and connects with them.

Jargon-free copy. Notice how lots of business writing is full of generic buzzwords and jargon? Gross, isn’t it? There’s no quicker way to turn off customers than being impersonal. I write in everyday language that will make your customers love you.

I’m not just about writing. I’m about writing x human psychology x marketing strategy, and that’s a way more potent mix.

Collaborative working. I understand how important your business is to you. I’m here to listen and help you communicate to your customers clearly and effectively. I bring expertise, but I’m not here to impose my vision. It’s all about you.

How to contact me

Ready to start? You can either email meDM me on Twitter, or book a discovery call to get the ball rolling.

Client testimonials

Here are some kind things people I have worked with have said about me . . .

“A lateral and contemporary thinker.”

Ceri Davis, NTSU CEO

“From writing copy with a strong brand voice and impactful CTAs, to developing cross-platform marketing campaigns and targeted email newsletters, his knowledge of brand strategy is diverse. His guidance on that, and more, has been invaluable to me and I hope we can work together again one day.”

Mackenzie Orrock, Copywriter

“Always someone you can go to when you want new and innovative ideas.”

Anonymous 360° feedback

“It’s been a huge pleasure to work with David. He’s got a fantastic eye for detail, design, and ensuring that digital projects have a well defined and achievable purpose.”

Harry Vann, Web & Communications Consultant

“David is an excellent collaborator and communicator who manages the complexities around comms and branding strategy with ease and sensitivity to all stakeholders and their objectives. 

His insight and input around brand voice, marketing campaigns, email marketing, and copywriting are invaluable, and he is an all-round pleasant human being to work with.”

Lucy Judd – Transition Team Manager, NTU

“A calm individual who thinks outside the box and sees solutions where others see problems.”

Anonymous 360° feedback

“David has a natural flair for marketing & communications and it was a pleasure working with him. 
Whilst working with David, he seamlessly delivered a number of marketing campaigns. He often completed robust market research that upheld our strategic vision and gave key stakeholders the best insight into our services. 

David is a strategic thinker with experience in copywriting, email marketing, brand and voice strategy, and I would not hesitate in recommending him.”

Jen Holmes, HR Manager

“David did an excellent job proofreading and editing my eBook, 12 Universal Laws of Social Media Creation. As a writer, it’s valuable to have a fresh set of eyes that can review and improve your rough draft and David is someone you can trust to do just that. Thanks again for your help, David.”

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