About Me



I am a trained coach and chartered marketing professional with twenty years’ experience working in higher education.

My mission (and passion) is to support people with their personal development and their lifelong learning journey so they can achieve their potential. In short, I want to help you be your best self.

As well as the information I provide on this site, I offer private coaching and mentoring. I take a principles-based approach to self-improvement and love to work with ambitious, self-motivated people who are looking to make a dent in the world.

I specialize in working with young professionals and people transitioning from academia to the world of work with their personal and professional development.

Drop me an email if you want me to help you develop a structured approach to accomplishing your goals. Nothing pleases me more than helping people achieve their dreams.

My interests include personal development, smart thinking, decision-making, philosophy, art, internet culture, communication, marketing, and martial arts. I love to learn, write, draw, and create.

Alumni fellow of Nottingham Business School.

Based in Nottingham, UK.

I publish my writing here and at medium.com

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