November 1, 2021

This Week’s Work

Creative work, 25th-31st Oct, 2021.

My background is in graphic design and marketing.  Though I started this website primarily to publish my self-improvement content writing, creativity is like a lens through which I view the world.

I have recently been thinking more deeply about the value of creativity and have been working on more creative projects -mainly copywriting and art direction – as a result. I want to show that work, so starting with this post, I am going to be regularly sharing creative projects I have been working on. Most of which will be pitches for open briefs clients have posted online.

I guess I’ve just broadened the scope of this site.

Here’s what I’ve been working on this week:

Client: Just Use Teams

Brief: Create posters encouraging Microsoft to slash its giant CO2 emissions from corporate flights, by using its own videoconferencing platform “Teams” instead. (Same-day deadline.)

I came up with several ideas for this brief. I thought these were the strongest four. I’m particularly happy with the copy on the second variation and how the copy and image work together on the first variation, putting a twist on the classic postcard line people would write after flying off somewhere exotic.

Client: Battersea Rescue Centre

Brief: Create posters to promote the extensive pet advice from Battersea. (Same-day deadline.) These were just quick ideas, but I’m fond of the one on the right.

Client: Jameson Whiskey

Brief: Create billboard-style posters that encourage people to raise spirits this Halloween with the new Jameson Orange drink. (Same-day deadline.)

I only had a few minutes to throw these together, so I kept the design simple and let the copy do the talking. I made several copy variations for this brief, but these were the most well-received.

Client: Moju Drinks

Brief: Create billboard-style posters to highlight the fiery potency of Moju Drinks’ Halloween limited edition Really Ginger shot. (Same-day deadline.)

This was a real rush job, so I adapted the previous day’s Jameson design, which had a near-identical brief. Again, I created several copy variations, mostly playing on various familiar phrases by re-contextualising them. I like the line about the witch, which I thought was playful and appropriately seasonal.

These were all rapid-turnaround pieces and fun, welcome prompts to stimulate my creativity and visual thinking.

If you’d like me to work on a creative ad project with you, drop me an email. I’m always happy to lend my copywriting and design skills to creative ad campaigns and I’d love to hear from you.