January 4, 2022

Creative Work December 2021

Client: Beauty Pie

Brief: Create posters to bring to life the benefits of Beauty Pie and show how they aren’t too good to be true.

This is a super-quick scamp, so please forgive the rough execution. Beauty Pie is a make-up club that offers massive discounts off high street retail prices. With this in mind, I couldn’t resist using a stat to highlight this customer benefit and playing on the brand name to present it as a pie chart. I used a circular product of theirs as the pie chart artwork to make it immediately obvious that it was a make-up ad and to show how much of the product people essentially get for free. This entry was shortlisted.

Client: One Minute Briefs

Brief: Create posters to advertise selection boxes

Not much to say about this one. A packshot and a simple, seasonal play on words to generate a smile. The brief was very loose, so there was no need to overthink how to fit the bill.

Client: The Loft Bar / NTSU

Brief: Create posters to advertise our new food offers

The Loft is a new bar on a city-centre university campus looking to draw in daytime trade through its food offers. Two of their most popular products are handmade pizzas (which are delicious) and their all-day breakfasts. A photographer was hired to create the product shots. I wanted to let the images do the talking because food photos are always a winner, so I made them large and central and kept the layout simple. I added some short copy to highlight the USPs with a twist of humour to make them memorable to potential customers.

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